Make Your Holiday Sales Customers Keep Coming Back for More.

Make Your Holiday Sales Customers Keep Coming Back for More.


Make Your Holiday Sales Customers Keep Coming Back for More.



While the sole purpose of your business is to attract customers and get sales, your focus should also be to strengthen relationships with existing customers while turning leads into sales. Holiday sales events are the lifeblood of many business and it’s a mistake to take repeat holiday business for granted. Return customers can assume the role of your brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your products and services.


The National Retail Federation projects total holiday retail sales to rise to $655.8 billion this holiday season.


Here’s how to Protect your investment by taking the best care of existing customers during Holidays 2016.


Stay in Touch

The best way to keep customers coming back for more is to stay in touch. Look for opportunities to build relationships. This may include sending a special incentive, keeping in touch on social media, and engaging more regularly through newsletters or social networking. However, do not go overboard with this. Of course, you do not want to become a nuisance. Rather, focus on meaningful and purposeful communication and engagement.


Touch Bases

You are competing for customer attention amid a crowd of similar goods and service providers. Reach out to your customers, telling that they are being missed and that you would appreciate repeat business or a referral.

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Keep the Experience Current

Is there a reason for customers to shop with you again? Focus on improving your offerings. Are there new offerings for customers to attract holiday sales?


Surprise Them

Reward customers for their business in the form of loyalty discounts, a special offer, a birthday coupon, or any other extra that springs a pleasant surprise for them and convinces them to come back for more.

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Collaborate and Participate

Collaborate on community building efforts and give back to your community. Host a collection for the food bank, donate a portion of sales for a cause, and raise awareness about a social issue. Let your customers know that you have your community’s interests in mind. Let them know that they are also helping a cause and let them feel good about doing business with you.


Have Right People at the Right Place

You may have the best product in the world, but if your customer service representative is unpleasant to deal with, then you may drive ucstomers away. Make sure you have friendly, efficient, and qualified people at the right place, especially those responsible for interacting with customers.

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Shorten the Approach Cycle

In order to boost holidays sales, make it easy for customers to approach or reach you. Make sure there is someone to promptly respond to emails, social media comments, and voicemail. Live chat on your eCommerce website works wonders for instant help and problem resolution.


Get Feedback and Listen

Do not ignore customer feedback; rather, proactively ask them about their experience of doing business with you. Send surveys, asking for their opinion about your product. Learn from their feedback and take steps to improve your product or service accordingly.

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Express Gratitude

Show your appreciation when doing business in person. This could help build lasting relationships. Send them a Thank You note to express gratitude.  It could be in the form of a special reward for a referral.


Bottom Line

No doubt, building relationships takes time, but it is worth every effort and you can keep your holiday sales customers coming back for more.


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